Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training Or H.E.A.T. training is designed for all personnel intent on working in potentially dangerous areas. The course challenges the individual to think act and dynamically risk assess your theatre specific environment. 

In today''s expanding global marketplace, businesses,  corporations, media teams, oil field specialists and professionals alike are potentially vulnerable to significant security and political risk. Perceived or actual risk whether to personnel, strategies or facilities needs to be properly evaluated or the result could be; increased insurance premiums, injury, illness, project failure, reduced efficiency or even death. But surprisingly, some organisations presume these risks to be inevitable. 

Risk can never be totally eliminated but it can be reduced, if you know how. Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to advise and prepare its clientele in theatre specific hostile environment awareness. We deliver internationally accredited security, medical and corporate risk management strategies second to none. This gives our clients the competitive advantage who deploy proactive alert staff able to engage safely in areas that might otherwise have been non permissive.


All Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd courses are held at our training facilities at Talon Training Group in Tallahssee Florida.

Other information

Upon successful completion of this Hostile Environment Awareness Training course the student is awarded;

Ronin Concepts Elite Attendance Certificate

Operational and administrative advice is also only a phone call away. If you would like to know anything more about this course please contact us.